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Double Donations

Double donations

When you need both eggs and sperm

At European Sperm Bank, we focus on what we do best - donor sperm. That said, we are aware that more people are starting to require donor eggs as well and that demand for fertility treatments with double donations is rising.

For a long time, fertility treatments that required both donor eggs and sperm were not legal in Denmark. That changed in 2018 and we now supply people around the world with double donations. We do this by sending our donor sperm to clinics that offer treatments with both donor eggs and sperm.

Double donations

Know more about your options

Double donations are offered by fertility clinics all across Europe. According to Danish legislation, the mother-to-be must be 46 years old or younger, but this age limit is different from country to country. Get in touch to learn more about your options.

Double donations

Who are double donations targeted at?

There are a lot of reasons why an increasing number of women and couples need double donations, but the most common reason is that more women are choosing to have children later in life, when their fertility levels are decreasing. Many women and couples opt for double donations to increase their chances of pregnancy after long, unsuccessful fertility treatments.

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