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A donor's donations can help many families across the world - all within the confines of national legislation. On average, a European Sperm Bank donor helps 25 families worldwide.


If you're interested in using a donor who has helped a smaller number of families, we have a limited range of donors with lower family limits.

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Our family limits

As a licenced sperm bank, we always adhere to national legislation regarding the number of families in a given country that a donor's sperm can assist in conceiving.

On average, a donor helps 25 families worldwide. Since there is no international cap on the number of families a donor can help, we have set a worldwide cap of 75 families for our donors.

Some of our customers want to further limit the number of families that their donor helps. If you are also interested in this, you have three options. You can choose a donor who can help 15 families, a donor who can help 5 families or a donor who will only help your family. 

The limit applies to families because we want to make it possible for parents to have a full sibling to the child(ren) they have already conceived using a sperm donor. 

Family15 donors

Donor sperm from Family15 donors can be used by up to 15 reported families. We keep track of the number of families by closely monitoring the number of pregnancies reported by clinics. All the fertility clinics we work with are obligated to inform us of all pregnancies. When a Family15 donor has reached 15 reported families, we make the donor unavailable to new families.

In rare cases, a Family15 donor will contribute to more than 15 families. This can happen if a fertility clinic using that donor's sperm makes a late pregnancy report.

When choosing a Family15 donor, you're purchasing a combined solution containing:


Get in touch with our customer care team to learn more about our Family15 donors. 

Family5 donors

Donors with a Family5 limit can only be used by four other families apart from yours. There is no limit on the number of children you can have. 

When choosing a Family5 donor, you're purchasing a combined solution containing:

Family1 donors

Choosing a Family1 donor means that only your family can use the given donor's sperm to have a child. There is no limit on the number of children you can have. 

When choosing a Family1 donor, you're purchasing a combined solution containing:

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In order to learn more about these donors, get in touch with our customer care, as you cannot search for Family15, Family5 or Family1 donors on our website.

You can also find more details on our pricing page.

Legal compliance and family support

Our commitment

When choosing a donor for your family, it's important that you consider your options and make the choice that is right for you and your future child. 

Regardless of which donor you choose, you can always trust that we follow national legislation in your country of treatment and that we are a medically safe and well-regulated choice for your family.

In addition to our commitment to compliance, we also understand that our business has a lasting impact on the families we help. For that reason, we provide many resources to support children and families beyond conception. This includes a section on our website where you can read about life as a donor-conceived family.

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We support all family forms, and we are here to help you at every step of your path to parenthood.

Feel free to contact us on +44 20 3630 0147 or if you are interested in learning more about our Family15, Family5 or Family1 donors.

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