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Meet us

Our experienced team of doctors, cryologisticians, nurses, client service managers, and other experts are ready to help you.

Annemette Arndal-Lauritzen
Managing Director/CEO

Peter Bjørnskov-Johansen

Allan Toft Jacobsen

Marie-Louise Heise
Regional Sales Manager

Boris Christopher Rosenkrantz
Regional Sales Manager

Susanne Balsløw Sørensen
Regional Sales Manager

Stinne Birk Schwarz
Regional Sales Manager

Udo Matz
Key Account Manager

Alejandra Motta
Key Account Manager

Bettina Hannibal Agerskov
Head Laboratory Technician

Christina Husted
Donor Coordination Team Lead

Mikkel Munch Krause
Cryologistics Team Lead

Thomas Ebbesen
Site Manager in Aarhus & Aalborg

Laura Willson
Site Manager in London

Merilyn Cole
Site Manager in Amsterdam

Roja Barikbin
Site Manager in Hamburg