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Reserving donor sperm

Sperm storage

By choosing sperm storage, you ensure that you have enough sperm straws from your preferred donor for future fertility treatments.

Reserving donor sperm

Advantages of sperm storage

When choosing to store sperm straws from your preferred donor with us, you are essentially reserving the donor for your future use. 

Sometimes, straws from a specific donor sell out, and this can affect you if you would like to use a specific donor again - whether it be for additional treatments or future siblings. The donor may have stopped donating entirely, or he has chosen to pause his donation activity for a while. 

By setting up storage, you do not have to worry about your preferred donor being unavailable in the future.

If you already have children by a specific donor, sperm storage is also beneficial because you know that you can conceive with that donor's sperm. 

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Our buyback guarantee

If you don't want to use the straws that you have in storage with us, we'll refund part of your expenses for buying the sperm. You'll get back 75% of your initial cost until 3 years after your date of purchase - following that, the refund will decrease gradually. You can read more about refunds in our terms and conditions.

We do not buy back straws that have been shipped to destinations outside our facilities.

If you want to set up storage for potential siblings, we recommend doing so as soon as possible. If you wait too long, there is a risk that the donor will no longer be available.

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